Tracker of Phasmophobia

Find the ghost with the founded or rejected evidences.


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Spirit Fingerprints Ghost Writing Spirit Box
Wraith Fingerprints Freezing Temperature Spirit Box
Phantom Emf 5 Freezing Temperature Ghost Orbs
Poltergeist Fingerprints Ghost Orbs Spirit Box
Banshee Emf 5 Fingerprints Freezing Temperature
Jinn Emf 5 Ghost Orbs Spirit Box
Mare Freezing Temperature Ghost Orbs Spirit Box
Revenant Emf 5 Fingerprints Ghost Writing
Shade Emf 5 Ghost Orbs Ghost Writing
Demon Freezing Temperature Ghost Writing Spirit Box
Yurei Freezing Temperature Ghost Orbs Ghost Writing
Oni Emf 5 Ghost Writing Spirit Box
Yokai Ghost Orbs Ghost Writing Spirit Box
Hantu Fingerprints Ghost Orbs Ghost Writing